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Here at AppsArtisans we help you build your dreams applications, you will receive your apps from us better than what you expect with a budget less than what you calculated! also with our guarantees, you will be fully confident about your business.

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NOS Framework

NOS is a framework for building RESTful APIs/Real-time Apps with a SPA(Single Page Application) & PWA(Progressive Web Application) that support SSR(Server-Side Rendering) for better SEO and cross platforms mobile and desktop frontends, NOS comes with ready integration to any other kind of apps e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop, server, etc.

NextGen Framework
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Mobile & Desktop Applications

Move your business to the next level and let AppsArtisans build your cross platform mobile and desktop apps with the best price you may ever get!

API Applications

Build server side API applications with full support to RESTful APIs and JWT.

Node.js Apps

Google, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, and many others are using Node.js, why not you?


Build single page applications and progressive web applications that supports Server-Side Rendering using the most recent and modern technologies.

Mobile, Desktop, Wear Apps

Building cross platform Mobile, Desktop, Wear Apps.

Content Management Systems(CMSs)

Build custom content management systems to allow you easily and efficiently manage your application.

Any Kind Of Web Apps

Build any kind of web applications e.g. blog, news, eCommerce, company, network, etc.

This is not the first time we let AppsArtisans build a web app for us and with every time we get the app better than what we expected!

Lisa Robin

I want to talk about their support here, it is really awesome and they will never leave you until you will be more than satisfied.

Thomas King

This is the first time that we get the app better than what we requested, I'm really impressed by their work!

Joe Kevin

Don't waste any time, let us know about your app now! and you will get the best price offer, it is free to consult us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOS?

NOS is a high performance framework we use to build different type of apps for our clients, for example using NOS we can build real time web apps(real time websites, SPAs(Single Page Applications) ,and PWAs(Progressive Web Applications) that supports Server-Side Rendering) and cross platform mobile, wear, and desktop apps. We customize NOS for each client independently for more efficient performance, so each client will have his/her own copy of NOS, dedicated to his/her needs with lifetime support and updates.

What are the benefits of using your NOS framework?

Some of the benefits of using NOS but not limited to, significantly high performance, speed(if the process takes 5 seconds to be done with NOS it will be done within 0.01 second(yes 10 Milliseconds!) or maybe less!), real time(no page refreshes needed, the change that the user will make will be immediately in the front of the user's eyes), secure and so many more incredible features, you can ask us about the feature that you need in your app.

I already have a website how can I migrate to NOS?

You don't have to do anything on your side, we will take care of everything and we will create a customs UIs for you that will allow you to manage everything(like what the content management systems do), we can replicate every single detail of your current website, you will not need to have any new skills and with our lifetime support and updates we will always be beside you.

Is this expensive?

No, actully it is cheap! you can check that by yourself when we will give you the quote if you want, the reason for this is building apps on top of one NOS app is really easy, fast, and straightforward, for example let say you want us to build a website(browser app) and Android and iOS apps for it, when we will build the browser app(the website) it will be easy to us to build the other apps on top of it, the cost of building these applications after building the first NOS app will be significantly low.

Ok, I liked NOS, can you please tell more about it?

NOS is open source framework MIT licensed basically consists of two types of apps, client-side apps(e.g. browser app(website), mobile app, and desktop app) and server-side apps, the browser app will be built using Vuejs or Angular or React with some custom CSS and JS codes and it will communicate with the server using RESTful APIs/Real-time. At the server side, the apps built using Node.js and consist of modules like NOS cache and NOS publisher modules and small applications(microservices) like NOS backup and NOS deployer apps, the server side app can talk with any kind of apps no matter if it was a browser app, mobile app, or a desktop app.

I manage more that one website, how NOS will be benefit to me?

NOS is modular, customizable, and rich in features, you can have more than one NOS app that work independently also you can have one(or more) NOS app that manage them all for you. For example say you have www.example.com, www.example1.com, www.example2.com websites and you want all of these website to be independent websites but you want www.example.com website to be able to manage these websites, for example bulk add new users to www.example1.com or add posts to www.example2.com website, with NOS you can do this really easy.

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